Monday, May 29, 2017

The Guys In The Foxhole!

Let take a moment this Memorial Day to remember the countless soldiers who have bravely served to make sure that we remain a free country. Those freedoms are challenged every day from enemies without and within, but never should we forget the courage necessary to keep us all safe. Whatever you think of any particular war, we can all agree I hope that supporting our troops in harm's way is good and proper thing to do.

There are two veterans I want to show special respect for this year at the Dojo. The first is Jack "King" Kirby. Above is an image of his memorial. Check out more here and here.

And here is the marker for his longtime partner Joe Simon. Check out more here and here.

Both of these great talents not only gave us delightful comics to inflame our imaginations over decades and across generations, but both men served in time of war when victory was far from certain.

Respect is owed.

Rip Off

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