Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Turok - Son Of Frazetta IV

Actually this first Turok cover is not a swipe of a classic Frank Frazetta image, but rather of a Conan cover from Lancer by John Duillo. Duillo did the Lancer Conan covers that Frazetta did not do, and there is a great similarity between the snake-monster from the Mexican Turok cover above and the Lancer cover below for Conan of the Isles.

Unfortuantely this Duillo cover and others were replaced by work from Boris Vallejo when Ace reprinted these Conan books. I rather like the Duillo stuff better myself.

This mighty tusker though is pure Frazetta and Turok here is facing off against a mighty foe.

The cover for Back to the Stone Age from Ace is one of my favorite Frazetta images, the dynamics are off the charts.

Rip Off

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