Monday, February 20, 2012

Turok - Son Of Frazetta III

Here have even more Mexican covers by Editorial Novaro featuring the Dell/Gold Key hero Turok Son of Stone and adding some elements lifted from Frank Frazetta paintings. You can see other examples of this practice here and here.

This time the Frazetta source is a painting titled "Green Death" and features the John Jakes hero Brak the Barbarian I believe.

Whatever the reason it was done, it was used as the cover for the Lancer collection titled Wolfshead, featuring various horror and fantasy adventure stories by Robert E. Howard.

This Turok cover has a distinctive background element which is clearly swiped from a Frazetta source.

The title of this painting is "Swamp Demon" for obvious reasons.

It was used for a sequel of John Jakes Lancer series titled Witch of the Dark Gate.

It was ultimately used as a cover and inspiration for the Image Comic one-shot comic Swamp Demon.

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  1. The Mexican Turok was bi-weekly instead of bi-monthly. Editorial Novaro printed all the Dell and Gold Key Turoks translated into Spanish with their original covers, but they also created their own version using artists from Mexico, Peru, Spain and other countries, and their own writers. Most of the American Turoks were published by Editorial Novaro under the anthology titles Domingos Alegres and Aventura, while most of the Mexican Turoks were published under the title Turok El Guerrero de Piedra which means "Turok Warrior of Stone". That last title reached the number of 270 before cancellation in 1982.