Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tor Love Betty!

This is one strange comic, but given its stars that's appropriate. In a clear attempt to mine the retro-fame of horror movie "star" Tor Johnson and nudie "star" Bettie Page (eventhough the comic spells it "Betty"), this comic combines the 50's icons into a single comic. It's made up of several stories featuring the two and some pin-ups and whatnot. The stories essentially have Betty lounging and bathing in all manner of undress while being pursued by rabid fans while Tor who loves her from afar functions as her handyman and white knight. It's fun.

There were apparently supposed to be more than one issue of this Fantagraphics comic. Here's a link to Terry Beatty's blog where he's posted a story intended for the comic. It gives you a great sense of what they wanted to acoomplish with this.

Rip Off

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