Friday, April 27, 2018

The Silver Age Of DC Comics!

I knew when I picked up the  Golden Age volume it would not be long before I had to have The Silver Age of DC Comics, part of Paul Levitz's long overview of DC history. I ended up using some Amazon credit to cut the price down to the quite reasonable and snatched up the tome. It's a hoot, love it all the way through. The Golden Age stuff is fantastic, but it's not my era. The Bronze Age volume is all about the comics I collected as a teenager. But this tome is the one which features the comics which ignited my imagination and made me a lifelong fan of comics. Great stuff all the way through. As I've said before, there are two more volumes in this series, but they have no interest for me. Comics for all practical purposes ended in 1985 with the Crisis on Infinite Earths, though a few good ones have surfaced here and there along the way. The stuff I crave all dropped before that magic date, and much of that stuff is here between these two great covers.

Rip Off


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