Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Golden Derby - May 1967!

Fifty years ago this month the Peacemaker by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette returns for a second issue with the Fightin' 5 helping out in the back of the book. This is a sturdy outing, nothing too extreme but rock solid storytelling under a simply beautifully rendered Boyette cover. Thunderbolt by Pete Morisi offers up one of its best ever covers. This was one of the very first T-Bolt adventures I ever read (given to me by my maternal grandmother) and its a dandy, as Peter Cannon enters into a mysterious valley filled dinosaurs to once again battle the machinations of the Hooded One. The Sentinels by Gary Friedrich and Sam Grainger are the back up in this comic and they are wonderful Silver Age goodness. The Sentinels often get overlooked but Grainger's artwork is so sleek and lush that it's a shame they do. The debut issue of Charlton Premiere hits the stands, but it looks and reads like a standard Charlton war comic. Charlton converted the war comic Marine War Heroes for a final issue before giving the fans a proper first issue out in a few months. Don't try to figure it out. Outlaws of the West gives us another Captain Doom adventure and Riley's Rangers appear in Texas Rangers in Action, both with really snazzy Rocke Mastroserio covers. Charlton was running fine in the month of May.

More to come next month.

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