Thursday, May 11, 2017

Silver Age Justice League Three!

Despite owning all of these stories in their Showcase incarnations, I really enjoy these highly readable trade packages that DC has been issuing with some degree of regularity. The latest volume with stories by the great Gardner Fox and art by the classic team of Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs, gives us stories which have been collected many many times and stories which rarely have. In this handsome tome you get the JLA battling some of their old foes one more time as Despero and Amazo put in appearances. Zazzala the Queen Bee also arrives on the scene, one of my favorite JLA baddies. But clearly the biggest splashes in this book are the first two JLA-JSA team ups which transformed the whole of the DCU and in some ways the whole of comics by introducing (in a small way indeed) the cosmic story. The second team up of course also gives us the debut of the Crime Syndicate. Even for those of us who have read them before this is a dandy package.

Here are the tasty covers by Mike Sekowsky or Murphy Anderson or some combo of those Silver Age vets.

What an exciting batch of covers. Here are the covers of the first two volumes in this series with tasty covers by Michael Cho.

Can't wait until the next volume.

Rip Off


  1. Recalling issues like Justice League #21-22 remain mind-blowing to me even to this day…Realizing for the first time in one’s young comix-reading life: ‘Wait – there was once a universe of DC heroes’ just like the one’s I know – some with the same names and super powers – but different costumes?’… Magical…

    1. And not the least bit confusing either. The pretext for the Crisis was that the whole magilla had gotten to arcane for fans, but I reject that premise. The richer and more complicated the better I said then and say now. Just craft good compelling stories inside that complexity is the requirement.

      Rip Off


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