Sunday, May 7, 2017

Galactus - The God Who Came To Dinner!

Last spring we at the Dojo presented a closer look at the original Galactus trilogy from the pages of Fantastic Four which shook up the Fab 4 and (it can be argued) for all time transformed the fabric of the Marvel Universe. Jack "King" Kirby and Stan "The Man" Lee really shook up the world.

When Galactus came to Earth, led there by his herald the Silver Surfer, for the simple reason to make a meal of our "Big Blue Marble", it was well and truly cosmic. The small-time hoods and small-minded criminals and mean-spirited aliens who had largely populated the villain class of the Marvel Universe up to that time were suddenly made very tiny, their threat to society revealed to be humble indeed. When "The Big G" comes knocking, no one cares anymore if Paste Pot Pete is scheming to rob the nearest big box store or the Vulture wants to swoop in and grab a few gems from the local shop. It's a game changer!

To read the Dojo posts about this seminal trilogy last year go here and here and finally here. Going forward this month we track Galactus as he returns to Earth and we shall truly go where no man has gone before when the awesome origin of the world devourer is revealed.

Stay tuned because next week Galactus comes back.

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