Monday, October 31, 2016

Swordsmen And Sorcerers!

Sword and Sorcery came to comics in a big way in the Bronze Age with the arrival of Conan the Barbarian to Marvel Comics. Of course there had been precursors, but the genre (a weird offshoot of classic horror and fantasy) to no small extent dominated the comic racks in the early parts of the 1970's when not only Marvel began to imitate their own success with Robert E. Howard's pulp icon but so did DC with a big push into the field along with Gold Key, Warren and the brief but busy Atlas-Seaboard. The burst lasted briefly but Conan and few other similar types forged on into the 80's and slightly beyond as independent publishers like Eclipse, Pacific, and others joined the fray. And then it ended and Marvel let the license go which it ended up at Dark Horse. There has been some success there, but nothing like what preceded it in those halycon days. Take a gander at the covers below and enjoy a time when men were men, and so were the women.

Happy Halloween!

Rip Off


  1. Really, truly loved Sword & Sorcery this month Rip. Very much appreciate all the fine work that went into this on your part. Thanks(!) amigo!

  2. Great S&S posts Rip,
    Here's a Esteban Maroto - Dax the Damned video I did that I am certain you'll enjoy:

    There's an equally enjoyable part II there also.


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