Thursday, October 27, 2016

Final Bludd!

Bludd is a barbarian from the pages of Charlton Bullseye. In the early 80's Charlton Comics was waning fast and in a last ditch effort to generate content solicited material from fans. These appeared in the pages of Charlton Bullseye, a comic which borrowed its name from the CPL fanzine of some years previous which had brought to the fore the talents of John Byrne, Roger Stern, Bob Layton and others. Bludd is the product of Gene Day and other budding talents, a barbarian from the past of the 9th century who time travels to the future of the 31st century. For more details check out this and this.

Charlton didn't have too many barbarians, though they did dabble in sword and sorcery from time to time. Hercules certainly qualifies and there were stories here and there in the ghost books, but for pure unadulterated barbarian splendor, Bludd is pretty much the purest chunk, even it was in the last days.

Rip Off

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