Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Other Black Market!

I was quite frankly taken a bit aback by this well-crafted Comedy Comics comic book cover showing a WWII-era black market operation dealing in...ahem...pork. And not just any pork, but anthropomorphic  pork at that. The slight aroma of cannibalism is vibrant in this one as Super Rabbit cracks the case and rescues the obligatory three piglets. The Grand Comic Book Database does not identify the artist, but I'm certainly impressed by the layout and the texture of this distinctive artwork.

The same artist seems responsible for a spate of covers for Comedy Comics featuring Super Rabbit battling against the very real foes of the day, the Axis powers. That they are cast as cats, dogs, pigs and in one instance simple stereotypes makes for powerful if exceedingly politically incorrect covers. Nonetheless enjoy these brittle time capsules of an era long lost, and in some respects for the better.

Rip Off

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