Friday, April 10, 2015

The Man Who Hated Laughter!

I am constantly amazed at what I uncover on the vast undiscovered country which is the internet. Popeye Meets The Man Who Hated Laughter was originally a TV movie of the week which offered up no less than most if not all of the famous King Features characters in one adventure.

Popeye is the captain of a cruise ship named "Hilarious" which takes the King Features funnies ( the casts of Popeye, Blondie, Snuffy Smith, Beetle Bailey, Tiger, Henry, Lil Iodine, Katzenjammer Kids, and more) on a vacation in the South Seas where they run afoul of an evil scientist assisted by Brutus who plots to eliminate laughter by ridding the world of comic characters. Meanwhile Phantom, Mandrake, Lothar, Flash Gordon, and Steve Canyon work diligently to save their comic page comrades.

For Part One go here.

For Part Two go here.

For Part Three go here.

For Part Four go here.

This is a completely weirdo outing which turns out to be more entertaining than I imagined since it seems to have a rather ironic attitude toward its subject matter.

This earliest adventure of the "Defenders of the Earth" plus many is not available on DVD. More's the pity. It's a gem.

Rip Off


  1. Only a slight connection to your post, I know, but - when I was at school, I was always being asked to draw Popeye. I actually became a bit of a legend for it. (Of course, I could be mis-remembering - maybe it was leg-end, and it would probably only have been in my own lunchtime.)

    1. For a brief moment in time (the sixth grade) I too was counted valuable to society as I could render superheroes with above-average skill. This proved of interest to the unknown country known as the "girl", and I was deemed worthy.

      It didn't last.

      Rip Off


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