Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Exploitation Of Konga!

Here is the rather impressive debut issue of Charlton's Konga comic, developed as a tie-in to Herman Cohen's memorable early 60's monster flick.

Here you can see this particular issue in the Konga move pressbook (featured at From Zombo's Closet) along with the Monarch novelization by Dean Owen. Monarch was also an arm of the Charlton publishing "empire". Both the comic and the novel are among the "Special Exploitation Material" a theater could make use of to entice the customer to come see the movie. I'd love to see a Konga balloon or bank. The pressbook also suggests weirdly that the serum which gave birth to the giant Konga might actually be withing the realm of possibility! Who are they trying to kid?

The novelization is pretty racy in places. I wonder if theaters ever caught any heat for disseminating this book to its relatively unwary customers.

Rip Off

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