Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Black Gang!

The Black Gang is the second Bulldog Drummond adventure and once again pits the British strongman against his arch enemy Carl Peterson.

I'm loathe to say too much about the details of this story as some mild surprises are in store in the early stages. Suffice it to say that Britain is under assault from a concerted Communist threat as the enemies of Capitalism use a host of provocateurs and anarchists to stir up trouble in the the working community, threatening the status quo.

Against this threat rises the equally mysterious and equally violent "Black Gang" so named because the dress from head to to in black robes. These mysterious agents descend on the threats to the British welfare and exact punishment, whisking away the offenders to some mysterious site.

Bulldog Drummond is called in to investigate this threat and quickly becomes embroiled with traitors and thugs and hunchbacked bombers. His adventure soon involves Carl Peterson and his beautiful companion Irma as well as Drummond's wife Phyllis.

This is another wonderfully briskly paced adventure that hums along powered by both its charm, wit, and polish. A reader though must be cautioned that the narrative is rife with some pretty rough ethnic slurs, especially some Anti-Semitic ones. Not unlike Sax Rohmer's work, the plight of civilized white society is the focus of the hair-raising events.

Highly recommended.

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