Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Bigfoot Edition!

I've said here before that I love the myth of "Bigfoot". It's one of those fascinating modern revisions of a classic aspect of human culture which reverberates through the centuries, a nigh-human wild man who looks back at us with a face which mirrors our own.

That said, the last decade has all but dis-proven the existence of the creature for the very simple reason that with the ubiquitous ability of mankind to record visually every detail of life it's inconceivable at this point that compelling video evidence has not yet been turned in.

Once upon a time critics would say that cameras had not captured a plane crash or a train wreck or other disaster suggesting that our ability to scan and record the world was still limited. Now that's just not the case. Youtube is loaded with all aspects of human activity and by this time "Bigfoot" should be numbered amongst that catalog.

I've discussed before how much I'm entertained by the zany Mountain Monsters show on Destination America. Now the third season is underway and it's labeled "The Bigfoot Edition". In the tradition of faux reality entertainments like The Legend of Boggy Creek, The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield and the Sean Hannity show on Fox News, this pretend gang of paranormal trackers plumb the woods of Appalachia looking for and always finding the mythic beasties of the age, especially Bigfoot.

They have ramped up the complexity though this season, since singular hunts for disparate cryptids has proven formulaic, in that we are presented with a looming backstory that Bigfoot has connections with all other cryptids in the region. It is suggested that Bigfoot is actually a creature with a primitive culture of sorts and have divided into specific clans (Grassman, Yahoo, etc.) and that he has to lesser and greater degrees made alliances with and/or domesticated to some extent other mythic monsters. For instance in two episodes to date, both the elusive Chupacabra and the Hellhound have been suggested as helpers of the Bigfoot clans. And somehow or other humans might be involved too.  Dial up the conspiracy theory meter to eleven.

This is a fantastic idea, worthy of the hyperbolic imagining which often dominates the capricious cogitations of Bigfoot enthusiasts. By the process of endless speculation no possibility is dismissed until absurdity that all things are possible is the only result.

We are in the deep manure now amigos -- buckle up! It's a perfect day for it.

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