Thursday, April 2, 2015


I was trolling through the Grand Comics Database the other day and I stumbled across the quartet of covers above. I was startled as these were brand new images to me of a character I had never seen before. I thought at the very least I'd clapped eyes on most any character who might have warranted a cover on an American comic, let alone four.

There was precious little data at the GCD, but the there was the name "Rebo", which allowed me to find this information. So he's some sort of Ming the Merciless wannabe. The images above are startling in their clarity and impact, and Rebo looks like he probably should be called "Cockscomb King" or the "Ruby Rooster" or "Cocka-Doodle Dude" or something like. Those popping eyes and those red tines or knobs or whatever they're supposed to be are most impressive, I'll give them that. I get more of a Foghorn Leghorn vibe than a Smaug one from the look.

The artwork on these four striking covers is by Joe Musial, who was a King Features mainstay artist who eventually took over The Katzenjammer Kids.

Rip Off


  1. The character is from an Italian newspaper strip called "Saturn Against the Earth", which was reprinted in Future Comics.
    He's the Ruler of Saturn who's schemes are constantly thwarted by Earthmen Dr. Marcus & Ciro and...are you ready for this?...Donald Duck!
    Yes, the Disney character!
    Details here...

    1. The Donald Duck connection was surprising when I stumbled across after seeing these covers. Weird man!

      Rip Off


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