Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Really Strange Suspense!

The seventy-fifth issue of Strange Suspense Stories from Charlton presented for the first to many fans the adventures of Charlton's signature superhero Captain Atom. The good Captain had had a brief run in the title Space Adventures in the early 60's but now in the mid 60's a whole new generation of eager fans wanted superheroes, and Charlton as always was eager to supply what the market yearned for.

So Captain Atom was dusted off and the quaint looking stories by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko were slapped together and presented together in three issues of the series before it officially changed its name to "Captain Atom" and began featuring new adventures of the hero.

That cover though is an iconic one and inspired the homage/parody above by J.B. Sapienza. For more of this kind of thing go here.

And I've mentioned this homage here before, but thought this an apt place to point to it again. With his red costume and nuclear symbol Radioactive Man evokes first and foremost Gold Key's Solar Man of the Atom, but here we see that the creators at Bongo know of other radioactive comics lore.

Rip Off

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