Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dedd Reckonings!

Mr. L. Dedd the host of Charlton's Silver Age creepy comic Ghostly Tales from  the Haunted House is a favorite character here at the Dojo. I've looked over his appearances a few times here and here. Often drawn by Rocke Mastroserio, I long assumed he was designed by Rocke, but new information calls that into question.  Nick Caputo, a longtime comics researcher has discovered that Steve Ditko might've actually drawn Mr.Dedd first. Check out Nick's very detailed analysis of the early days of Ghostly Tales. He continues here and completes his overview here.

But even if the illustrious Mr.Ditko did indeed design which is also supported by this evidence, no one drew Dedd better than the Rocke.

Rip Off


  1. And that first issue features a story pencilled by Ditko and beautifully inked by Rocke, who at least had a hand in what may have been the first drawings of Mr. Dedd.

    1. True that. Rocke Mastroserio was a dandy comic artist who I feel deserves a bit more credit than he gets.

      Rip Off


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