Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The End Of The Quest?

The third perhaps final volume of The Brothers of the Spear drops today. I can't find any sign that there are plans for Dark Horse to reprint the stand alone series the Brothers had after the Tarzan license slipped away to DC. This one should finish the saga of the Brothers as told by Gaylord Dubois, Russ Manning, and Mike Royer.

Rip Off


  1. Your parade picture confused the heck out of me. The first Macy's Thanksgiving parade was in 1924, but the first large helium balloon was Felix the Cat in 1927. And they certainly didn't have a Superman balloon in 1924 since Superman first appeared in 1938. The picture you used is from the 1939 parade. This was probably obvious to you and everyone else, but I had fun tracking down the facts. I guess Superman made an impression right away to be featured so quickly.

    1. I just liked that picture when I stumbled across it. Superman has more resonance here than about any other character so I used. Sorry it confused you. I should've included something in the caption about it.

      Rip Off


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