Saturday, November 16, 2013

Spotlight On Charlton!

Charlton Spotlight #8 was just announced and is ready for shipment. For a detailed list of the contents check out this link. Mike Ambrose, a Charlton super-fan of the first rank has managed over the last decade or more to put out eight outstanding issues of this wonderful magazine. Truly labors of love, these highly affordable gems offer riches galore for any fan of the long defunct but still fondly remembered Charlton Comics Group, the little publisher from Derby, Connecticut who for many decades gave the fans an alternative to the big New York houses.

There's no hiding my love for this little company, which was always about the bottom line, but was still able to corral and make good use of talents like Steve Ditko, Pat Boyette, Jim Aparo, Rocke Mastroserio, Joe Gill, Pete Morisi, Dick Giordano, Tom Sutton, George Wildman, and more. Charlton was a training ground for many in the industry, a place to hone those comic book skills for small money, but big opportunity. John Byrne, Joe Staton, Mike Vosburg, Mike Zeck, Wayne Howard, Don Newton, Denny O'Neil, and many others found their way through to greater success by way of Charlton.

This latest issue of Charlton Spotlight focuses on Nicola "Nick" Cuti, one of the great editors and writers of Charlton in its Bronze Age heyday and the guy who along with Joe Staton dreamed up my all-time favorite superhero, the totally awesome E-Man. On top of that this issue features the debut of Tom Sutton's unpublished Doomsday +1 story, a long-hidden Charlton gem.

Get yourself a copy. And while you're at it, check out the awesome back issues, all of which are still available. Below is a cover gallery of those past issues. And say hi to Mike, tell him I sent you.

Rip Off


  1. Thanks for the link back to my Charlton blog, Rip. The new Spotlight is outstanding, and was definitely worth the wait. Mike still has limited quantities of all back issues for anyone who missed them the first time around.
    If anyone has any questions , Mike can be contacted on my Charlton facebook group page (where fans and pros gather to discuss their love of all things Charlton! Many alum are there: Paul Kupperberg, Nick Cuti, Steve Skeates, Joe Staton etc)

    1. I don't travel the Facebook lanes, but this might make try it out. Thanks for the link.

      Rip Off


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