Monday, November 25, 2013

Doc Savage And The Golden Key!

Until Marvel Comics got hold of Doc Savage in the early 70's, the only comic book versions had been done by Street and Smith in the 40's and a single issue by Gold Key in the 1960's. The dramatic James Bama cover art was actually part of a larger painting he created for the second Bantam paperback reprint "The Thousand-Headed Man" by Lester (Kenneth Robeson) Dent.

Seen in its proper context, the figure of Doc diminishes as the eye is unavoidable attracted to the peculiar spotted horned man and his provocatively placed snake. Doc's struggle with the constrictor which has him in its grasp is better staged and Doc looks less bemused and maybe a bit more desperate in the wider image.

I was lucky to get hold of my copy several years ago as I related here. 

This lone comic had a curious genesis, the details of which can be best read here. To read the actual story by Jack Sparling check out this inviting online location.

Enjoy and hurry! It doesn't look like Doc has much time left.

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