Friday, November 15, 2013

Clod Of Thunder!

With The Mighty Thor obviously dominating the comic news cycles lately, it's not really any surprise that as many outlets as possible are trying to jump onto the Asgardian bandwagon. But I have to confess I didn't see this offering from Archie Comics coming. Walt Simonson presents an exceedingly tasty rendition of the Riverdale teens as neo-Asgardians. But truth told Moose would've been a better candidate for the Thor role. And where's Reggie, an ideal Loki counterpart?

Simonson does a nice job of echoing the structure of this classic Thor cover from his epic run. The farther we get from this fantastic series of issues, the more clear it is that Walt really tapped into something special, something few have been able to find, the perfect balance between sci-fi and classic myth which makes the Thor stories hum with a truly unique dynamic.

Here's the other Archie cover available for these stories by Ed Ruiz and Bob Smith, this one offering a glimpse of an evil Reggie, though he doesn't wear any Asgardian togs.

Rip Off

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