Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Hundred!

To celebrate the arrival of my one hundredth follower here is a gallery of one hundred hundredth issues. Centennial issues are always fun in comics, sometimes well marked and celebrated by the companies and sometimes overlooked, but always indicative of a comic which has proven to be durable and popular over a length of time. Many great comics never reach this goal. The only EC Comic on the list is Mad for instance despite that company's fine accomplishments. Gold Key never seemed to care what the number of a book was. Marvel usually paid attention, and sometimes DC did, but not always.

Here's the gallery, I hope you enjoy it. Marvel, DC, Fawcett, Quality, Archie, Harvey, Gold Key, Dell, Warren, and others are included, especially my beloved Charlton. And by the way, thanks to one and all for checking in here. I appreciate it.

And let me take this time to thank the Grand Comic Book Database where most of these covers came from. I use that resource a lot, and I check it on a regular basis. Good work by good people.

Rip Off


  1. I can't wait for your 100th POSTING!

  2. I'm disappointed to discover that I only own about 7 of these comics.

  3. Great post, Rip -- I know that took a lot of time to do!

    Tales to Astonish may be the best of the lot, huh? But there are many, many good ones.


  4. Congrats on your 100th fan!

    Today, I liked the ASM and the Marvel-Two in One the best. Tomorrow, I might say something else.

  5. Don - My 100th posting has long come and gone, as has my 1000th posting alas. Time flies when you're having fun.

    Kid - I own about twenty of them myself. I'd love to have a few more.

    Doug - Thanks. Tales to Astonish is a dandy and high on the list. The Showcase is my favorite of the bunch and that's reason I led with it.

    Dave - I'm like you, some days I like one, some days I like another. As someone said, a "foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds".

    Rip Off

  6. always a pleasure, sport, never a chore. keep up the good work.


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