Monday, April 16, 2012

A Jungle Jones!

King Features attempted briefly in the late 60's to publish their own comics, but soon that effort collapsed and Charlton picked up the licenses to The Phantom, Flash Gordon, and other King Features characters. Jungle Jim was one of those characters who had gotten only a one-shot comic under the King label, featuring a colorful Wally Wood cover. Wood would do some work on the Charlton version of the character too.

The issue was numbered five for no discernible reason save perhaps because it reprinted issue five of the 1950's Dell run.

Apparently though when the shift was made to Charlton some material was already produced. Some of that was used by the Charlton folks, but apparently the artwork above by Jeff Jones inked by longtime pro Joe Sinnott was not. More's the pity.

Here's a gallery of Charlton's intriguing run of the character.

Steve Ditko & Wally Wood

Wally Wood & Dan Adkins

Pat Boyette

Pat Boyette

Pat Boyette & Sal Gentile

Wally Wood & Steve Ditko

Pat Boyette

Though the work by Wally Wood and Steve Ditko gets more attention on this series, I really like Pat Boyette's take on Jungle Jim. He gives him a real sense of style missing from other renditions.

Here's a bit of original artwork by Boyette for his debut issue.

And here's the original for a later issue.

And here's a link to the stories in the debut Charlton issue and here's a link to the final issue.

Rip Off


  1. Are you sure #26 is Sal Gentile inks?
    The inking (especially the woman's face) looks more like Sal Trapani.

  2. thanks for the link, Rip! i've been rather lax on new posts for a while, but new entries should be going up this week!

    I also agree on Boyette's take on JJ being the better rendition. I wish he had painted a few covers, though.


  3. Britt = I got the Gentile attribution from GCD. I'm not sure about it myself, but I don't have solid reason to dispute it. Trapani makes sense.

    Fester = You're most welcome. I look forward to them.

    Rip Off


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