Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"A" Is For Anthro!

Howie Post created the fascinating Anthro. I've picked up a few issues of the character over the years, but I mostly remember the great ads the comic generated.

Howie Post was a fantastic artist, his lively line giving life to Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost and Hot Stuff and other comics for Harvey Comics. He created, wrote, and drew the adventures of the caveboy first in Showcase and later in a six issue self-titled run. The debut issue is featured above. Below is the original artwork. I love the way the logo is blended into the background.

Here is the inside-the-cover black and white ad from the summer of 1968 which was featured in many DC Comics of the time, announcing not only Anthro, but other new DC heroes as well.

Here is that ad flipped for easy reading.

Howie Post's Anthro lasted only a brief time, but made a deep impression on me and others as well I'm sure. Here is a link with a wonderful interview with Post.

And below is an Anthro cover gallery. All the covers feature artwork by Post save the final issue which is inked by Wally Wood. I must say I much prefer the stone logo the Showcase debut features as opposed to the slick logo used on most of the issues. It seems far too smooth for a prehistoric saga.

Rip Off


  1. Caveman Dave likes the look of that final issue :)

  2. People love that Wood finish, but I have to say I prefer unadorned Post, his rough style appeals to me.

    Rip Off


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