Monday, April 2, 2012

Goona To Skull Island!

Here's a King Kong oddity I just found out about in Ray Morton's book King Kong - The History of a Movie Icon. Walter Lantz, the creator of Woody Woodpecker among others, directed a King Kong cartoon spoof a mere six months after the release of the classic giant monster flick in 1933.

Starring Pooch the Pup and some extraordinarily robust ethnic stereotypes, this cartoon tracks the general scheme of the Cooper-Schoedsack classic pretty closely. Judge for yourself, here is King Klunk from Universal Pictures. And by the way, the phrase that's repeated so often "Goona-goona". See this link for more on that.

The lovely Fay Wray is right to be both shocked and dismayed by this.

And by the way, here is a link to a post from a few years ago which showcases the Disney spin on Kong.

"King Klunk" has been collected on Volume 1 of Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection. See this link for details.

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