Saturday, April 7, 2012

Frazetta Living Legend!

This lovely tome from 1981 featuring black and white images from Frank Frazetta was recently added to my collection. I have most of the images in other formats, but this also included a full Thun'da story as well as black and white images of all the Buck Rogers covers, some of my favorite Frazetta work in particular some fine ERB inspired stuff. There are a slew of photos of the late great artist as well.

Here's a link to the full Thun'da story by the way.

The volume also includes glimpses of his Johnny Comet work,

and images from the Lord of the Rings portfolio,

the Kubla Khan portfolio,

and the Women of the Ages portfolio, among others.

This volume will fit in nicely next to my other Frazetta books which I've had for decades. I love the spare cover, the beautiful Frazetta girl framed in black is very effective. The back cover features a very close face shot of Frazetta himself.

Rip Off


  1. I have all these and cherish them. The last one I got was the one you show up top. I got it from the Frazetta museaum when it was in East Stroudsberg PA back in 1988. I met Ellie...what a kind woman. I was amazed...I saw all the paintings up close and his Johnny Comet and THUNDA pages were there on display too. Incredible is the word should be used before Frazetta " The Incredible Frazetta "
    I plan on going to see the exhibit in the city...Franks Destroyer painting is on display in NY....I have to get the name of the museum where it is and what times it will be there for viewing.
    Nobody has influenced more people thatn Frank Frazetta...Not the Beatles , Not Elvis , Not Jesus ( my eyes are clecnched tight on that one )
    Nobody...I wonder and marvel at his talent...From what I have read and seen about him and his film " Painting eith Fire " he was a champ of a guy too.

  2. It's sure true enough that you can see his influence all over the modern world, in some unexpected places too. Frazetta tapped a nerve in the pop culture which still resonates.

    Rip Off


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