Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Blade For Morbius!

Here's some outstanding cover artwork by Ken Barr for Marvel Preview. I prefer this classic Blade "blaxploitation" look over the later versions inspired by the very entertaining Wesley Snipes movies. Those teak knives in his vest are way cool weapons, and worthy ones against a sci-fi vampire like Morbius. Would those even work on Morbius? I don't remember.

The "Legion of Monsters" label here is used pretty loosely, as Blade and Morbius star in separate stories in this top-notch black and white Marvel magazine. Here are the details.

Rip Off


  1. lOVE THIS COVER....I went on a 5 year hunt for this magazine hitting 10 conventions in NYC and all the comic stores in the surrounding area and all across Long Island....( Never even considered Ebay ) But I finally found it at a new comic store that opened up ( Gone now ) It was in a box with sports card price guides...can you believe that? LoL...There is a longer more detailed post on my Favorite covers blog.
    Awesome cover by Ken Barr

  2. I have rarely used Ebay in my search for comics, mostly because I was out of the back issue game before the advent of that enterprise. I have rarely used Mile High also, but that location has been key to filling in some of my Charlton books.

    Finding that long-sought book is a pleasure non-collectors will never know.

    Congrats on a noble and worthy quest!

    Rip Off


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