Saturday, February 4, 2012

What If They Did An Homage!

It didn't dawn on me until I'd stared at it for a bit that the cover to Avengers/Invaders #12 and the one used for the trade was an homage/swipe of the iconic Gil "Sugar Lips" Kane cover for What If? #4 which gave us something of a secret origin for Cap and others.

Cool beans! Though I'm not sure how Wolverine might react if he knew he was taking the spot of the Whizzer.

This cover by Jack "King" Kirby also gets a Ross re-do.

And this cover for the third issue featuring the Namors was tickling my memory too.

I finally realized its source must be this illustration by "Wild" Bill Everett.

Rip Off


  1. Thanks kind sir.

    That Subby cover has been nagging at me since I saw it at GCD and the What If swipe just crossed my mind this morning. It was mostly the way Ross mimics the Kane figure.

    Rip Off

  2. Alex Ross's work is always easy on the eyes, isn't it?


    1. :P actually, no it isn't :( even without bringing up the frankly frightening job he did on the Archie Memorial cover (which looks alright & almost corrects itself completely once you turn it 90 degrees so that it's landscaped instead of portraited & Jug is on the left instead of the top :D ), I find that all too often he washes out his colours with a bright-whitening glare that makes it difficult to fully appreciate his work & dilutes the clean-cut "lines" which, almost by nature, *define* comic-book artwork :( seriously, but that's just my opinion B)

    2. Plus, he hasn't told a story in years :O which may be his biggest sin, to be honest :( so yeah...hmph, just a glorified cover artist :P


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