Saturday, February 25, 2012

Voz Speaks!

Mike Vosburg is one of that generation of comic talent who were breaking in as I was becoming aware of the field. Those guys were not much older than I was myself, and it was neat to watch them grow and develop as talents as the years and projects rolled by. Vosburg is among the most proficient, a storyteller who developed a style which became increasingly distinctive and attractive in its own right, but never at the cost of the tale it told.

It seems that Mike Vosburg is leaving comics behind (or perhaps they left him). This post from his blog is most disheartening, as it means one of the finest of comic talents has hung it up. How is it editors cannot find work for a talent of this caliber? But I'm sure (at least I hope) we'll keep seeing great images form the talented Mr.Vosburg.

Here's a gallery of his work over the years. He sure can draw beautiful dames.

Rip Off


  1. Hey Rip,
    Thanks for all the great press. It's very flattering. And while it's a great cover, the first Charlton romance cover in the upper left isn't one of mine.

  2. I've corrected that problem. That cover and another romance book are being offered up over at Heritage Auctions and they are both being attributed to you. It didn't look like your stuff to my eye, but I took their word for it, assuming it was incredibly early in your growth. Sorry about that.

    Rip Off


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