Sunday, February 5, 2012

Remodeling The Dojo!

Eventually everyone needs a change.

Marvel's done it. DC does it every few years it seems. And even Charlton updated its look once in a while.

You might notice some visual changes around here in the next several days as I update some of the design elements of the Dojo. I've been putting off the inevitable for some time, but this morning decided to eschew all caution and cast my lot with a new look.

I liked the classic look of this blog, but wondered what else I might be able to do with it. So expect some minor tweaks from now on. I hope it doesn't damage anyone's visit. If there's an element that's really bugging you, let me know.

Rip Off


  1. I never appreciated the Action Heroes very much when I was younger but I'm seeing the light nowadays. Don't think they should have been integrated into the DCU though.

  2. Better read that dead, but few none of the Action Heroes survive today in their classic forms. But then few heroes anywhere do. Blue Beetle is still interesting but far from Dan Garrett or Ted Kord. Captain Atom is all but unrecognizable. Peacemaker was demolished, Thunderbolt lost, Nightshade altered completely, Son of Vulcan killed, and Judomaster has been largely ignored. Only Sarge Steel survives remotely his old self and that's before this latest "New 52" stuff.

    Rip Off


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