Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mickey Mouse!

For all the worthy praise that Carl Barks receives, I myself have always been a bit partial to Floyd Gottfredson and his work on Mickey Mouse. Barks material was always more available it seemed, more celebrated and more often collected. Now that's been fixed to some degree.

Fantagraphics has now begun a reprint program of Gottfredson's earliest Mickey work. When it was announced, the advice from most was to wait and get the first two volumes conveniently packaged in a handsome slipcase for slightly less money overall, and that's what I did. Using some of an AT&T rebate to soften the ultimate financial blow, I picked the two volumes up just this week.

They are outstanding books, filled not only with great comics, but with reams of background material on the character and the development of the strip itself. These books have gotten nothing but praise from most quarters and I'm very pleased to at last add them to the stack of beautiful books on comics which is slowly but steadily consuming my home.

Rip Off


  1. So glad you like them, Rip.

    David Gerstein (editor)

  2. They are exceedingly handsome books. Neat companions to my Mickey Mouse in Color volume.

    Rip Off


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