Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First & Last Kisses!

When the late great Charlton Comics company was going under, one man who was able to see a future for the hapless publisher, or at least some of their vintage material. John Lustig saw gold where most men saw only trash and purchased outright the material related to First Kiss comics and some other romance material from Charlton. He has been successfully mining that material to offer up hilarious satires of American society ever since.

Taking the artwork of Dick Giordano and other great talents, Lustig replaces the sometimes vapid dialogue with biting sarcastic lines which put the images into brand new contexts, always funny.

Last Kiss is a website mostly. And you can check it out here. But it was also for a brief time a comic book, and the four issues are troves of outstanding artwork and biting comedy. From time to time, Lustig was able to get new material from some great talents to include in these issues. The late Dick Giordano supplied a brand new story, as well as the outstanding comics man Ernie Colon.

So if you've never sampled Last Kiss, I highly recommend it this Valentine's Day. You'll love what you find.

Here's a link to the comics themselves. Happy Valentines Day!

Rip Off


  1. They make me laugh out loud and that's rare for a comic book to have that effect. Great stuff!

    Rip Off


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