Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Art of Harvey Kurtzman!

Here's a volume I found at my new-favorite shop, Half-Price Books. It's a huge compendium of Harvey Kurtzman work, offering up countless sketches and reams of original artwork tracing Kurtman's career from the military to Mad, and beyond to Annie Fanny and more. For the record the complete Mad parody "Superduperman" is included, but that's just a small part of what's in this volume.

The material that made this a must have for me were some clear plastic sheets which function as overlays and allow the reader to visualize the process Kurtzman and Will Elder used to create the Annie Fanny comic strip for Playboy. It's an amazing insight into how comics were created. This is a real behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts book, not just a hagiography for a great talent.

I give this my highest recommendation and at Half-Price I found it quite cheap. Here's a great little video which shows some of what you'll find in this book.

Rip Off

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