Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Spider & The Sorcerer!

What's up with Marvel Super-Heroes #14?

It's a Spider-Man story smack dab in the middle of that comic's "showcase" period. It features an oddball story by Stan "The Man" with artwork by then not-yet-even-a-Marvel-newbie Ross Andru (he was still ensconced with Mike Esposito on The Flash for DC) and inks by Wild Bill Everett. It's a fun and easy-breezy hoot of a story, but it doesn't fit into the mood or tone of the Spider-Man series much at all.

Here's a link with the story details.

At about this time, Marvel was trying to exploit the new success of Spider-Man, and they launched the magazine-sized Spectacular Spider-Man only a few months later. Was this story a try-out for that magazine?

Anyone know the story?

Rip Off

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