Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Song Of Red Sonja!

Red Sonja rocked my world!

As a teenage boy, getting hold of "The Song of Red Sonja" in Conan the Barbarian #24 ignited all manner of interests in my mind and body. Here was arguably the hottest chick I'd ever come across in comics, as rough and tough as any guy and as smart and quick as can be. No wallflower here, not some shrinking violet depending on her male partners to save the day, here was a woman who didn't need or want a man.

Red Sonja as re-imagined by Roy Thomas (based on a mostly forgotten Robert E. Howard character outside the Conan mythos) and drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith was a smoking babe with a sword and the will to fight, but not before she tantalized all with her abundant charm. Here was a girl not afraid of who she was and what she could do, a woman as capable as Conan and able to twist the Cimmerian's noggin with a crafty smile and a wink.

Here's an early version of the classic cover to the fantastic comic which debuted the She-Devil with a Sword.

And here's a link to the whole story, in glorious black and white as reprinted in Conan Saga #8.

Pardon me while I swoon.

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