Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Real Canuck!

Above is the actual cover to Captain Canuck - The Complete Ediiton. It's a piece by Richard Comely, Canuck's co-creator and the man who has kept the good Captain up and running all these decades. It's a decent enough cover, but depicts the modern Captain Canuck and the not the character in the classic stories under the cover.

Included at the back of this robust color collection (only the originally unpublished issue fifteen is in black and white) are the pages from Captain Canuck Legact 1.5 a Comic Con giveaway from this summer heralding a new Captain Canuck series.

One thing missing from the collection is even a single page of comment or historical context for the series. I'd have loved to see some information on the early days and how this publishing venture got started. Sure all that stuff is available online, but to make almost any reprint package seem complete it's needed.

There is a comprehensive cover gallery including the covers of the more recent versions of the character by other creators.

All in all it looks to be a very handsome and rugged volume. I'm already four issues into the storyline. The first few issues are really quite amateurish but bristle with enthusiasm. The comic looks more and more professional as it progresses. This read will go very quickly I suspect.

Rip Off

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