Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Next Issue Finally Arrives!

October 2011

It's been nearly two years, but the next issue of Next Issue arrived a few months ago. I discussed the "Next Issue" program from Image here. This time it was the "next issue" of Crack Comics, specifically issue #63 after a lapse of seven decades. This is added to Fantastic Comics #24 (2008) and Silver Streak Comics #24 (2009).

The real charm in this package is a brand new war story by the great Herb Trimpe. It's work the price of the comic all by itself. In addition there is some lush work from Alan Lee Weiss. Throwback comics like this, I will buy from time to time.

September 1949

January 2008

October 1941

December 2009

November 1946

Who knows when we'll finally the next issue of Next Issue, perhaps next year maybe longer. But I hope it does arrive.


February 1947

Rip Off

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