Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The New 52!

This is as much of the "New 52" from DC Comics as I've read. This free promotional comic was available early last summer when these comics were still a few months away from hitting the stands. It's filled with one-page promos for each of the original "new" fifty-two comics along with a several page preview of the cornerstone Justice League comic.

I read these blurbs with curiosity. Some of the concepts seem vaguely interesting, most seem rather bland to be honest, and a few seem downright dumb. But I'm clearly not the fan DC is trying to reach, so my opinion matters little here. I've given up new comics for the most part and these don't lure me back.

I will have to give DC credit for having some real success with these new comics, even staving off the Marvel juggernaut in sales for several months now. Whatever the realities of the diminished comic market, DC has been doing a good job dominating that market and a superb job dominating the discussion in comics. On those levels this has to judged a successful campaign.

But do these look like good comics. Not really alas.

Rip Off

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