Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Essential Rawhide Kid!

This is one Essential volume I've been waiting on a long time. Marvel does itself and its history proud when they get back into print (for a nice price) these vintage tales from their earliest days.

As this action sequence by Jack Kirby shows, these comics offer significant excitement on the page.

Jack Kirby

And as this action sequence by Jack Davis shows, these comics offer up something truly different but fascinating from Marvel's earliest days.

Jack Davis

This Essential package has a lot to offer the interested fan. I'm looking forward to grokking a copy.

Here's a cover gallery of the issues included. There are some outstanding Jack Kirby designs here, and alas some pretty pedestrian ones too. Especially good is the cover for issue #31 which appears to my eye and others to be not only penciled by the King but inked by him too. Enjoy!

Rip Off

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