Friday, December 9, 2011

The End Of Atoman!

The late Jerry Robinson is one of the truly legendary names among comics creators. Because of the enormous popularity of Batman, and Robinson's singular contributions to that character he will always be remembered among the most important of comic book talents.

But it's his creation of Atoman for Spark Publications which I first gravitate to. Ever since seeing Atoman, I think then of one my favorite heroes - Captain Atom. Clearly Atoman seems to have been a visual influence for the good Captain, and given Robinson's influence on Kubert and so on Ditko, it makes sense that the two heroes might resemble one another.

Atoman led to Joe Gill's and Steve Ditko's Captain Atom, and the good Captain himself led to Nicola Cuti's and Joe Staton's E-Man (by way of Plastic Man of course), my all-time favorite superhero. Thanks Jerry.

Here's a link to a complete Atoman story at one of BookSteve's blogs.

Rip Off


  1. Interesting to note that AtoMan, Captain Atom (at least from his second appearance onward), and E-Man all had a yellow-red/orange color motif.
    And, apparently, great minds think alike!
    While most bloggers/writers used Batman art to illustrate tributes to Jerry, both of us used AtoMan!

  2. Red and yellow really works neatly on comics covers, it really pops. E-Man's orange was very strange at the time and still is pretty rare.

    Rip Off


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