Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Complete Canuck!

George Freeman

It's not often I get thrilled when I check out the new comics for the day. But I have to say I was genuinely excited, and I'm downright eager to get through my work day so I can grab a copy of Captain Canuck - The Complete Edition. This volume from IDW reprints the entire fifteen-issue run of the original comic along with some comic strip material and the Summer Special issue.

I still remember finding a copy of Captain Canuck #9 in a small town next to the Tennessee border in 1980. Here was a brand new comic from a brand new publisher I knew nothing about, but what I did know was that it was well crafted and rather exciting to read. I was immediately taken with the comic and the whole Captain Canuck universe. I gathered up back issues as quickly as I could, I joined the Captain Canuck club to get the cool extras, and I waited for each new issue.

George Freeman and his artwork was the showstopper on this book. He was at least as good as John Byrne at the time, who was then at the very top of his game. The story of Canuck was filled with adventure and good sized doses of sci-fi and that made for a heady brew.

The comic spiraled like a fireball and then sputtered out. I never found the fifteenth issue, even when it was belatedly released in 2004, so I've never ever read the entire saga. I have followed some of the revivals, but they've been notoriously hard to round up and frankly have been disappointing. The original series was the real deal, slick and modern with a great pulp adventure vibe.

I haven't dug my issues out in ages and as I said I've never read the fifteenth and final issue. I'm more than ready to give these wonderful stories another diligent going over. I can't wait.

To help stave off my giddy eagerness, I've put together a little Captain Canuck gallery.

Here's the cover of the lost fifteenth issue.

Rip Off


  1. I had a similar reaction upon finding Canuck #9 in a comic rack in 1980. Loved the Freeman artwork, and the colors - which were ahead of their time. Some of the early plots were a little crazy, but things get very good by #8. I'm surprised Freeman was not a huge success in U.S. comics when Canuck folded.

  2. He seemed to become a niche artist, showing up here and there, but never getting over. I thought he was outstanding, told a great story and was worthy more praise. Alas things are not always just.

    Rip Off


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