Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Of PS Magazine!

Like everywhere else, the local Borders went out of business. It was replaced in my local town by a Joseph-Beth Bookstore, a smaller chain but a store I really like, so I was eager to check it out.

When I did so a few weeks ago, I came out with a copy of Will Eisner PS Magazine - The Best Of Preventative Maintenance Monthly a handsome volume containing many examples of Eisner's outstanding work for the U.S. Military. This material answers the question for many fans of what was Eisner doing after he stopped his work on the Spirit in the 1950's until he resurfaced in the 70's with his graphic novel work. He was producing these handsome and quirky magazines.

To check out the work, it's easy as can be. All of the issues have been scanned at this website. Enjoy!

It's still nice to have a book though with this stuff at your fingertips.

Rip Off

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