Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where Monsters Peruse!

I stumbled across a very clean copy of The Collector's Guide to Monster, Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Magazines by Bob Michelucci. This 1988 tome purports to the be an Overstreet-style guide to these monster mags.

It's done in that style with hundreds of postage stamp cover images, mostly in black and white with basic publishing data. There's a brief color section in the middle, but mostly it's glorious black and white. It's a fun bit of stuff and I only paid five bucks for it, so no harm in taking a chance.

I was mostly attracted by the Jack Davis cover which instantly evoked memories of the classic Creepy #1 done for Warren Publications so many decades ago. It seems this was intentional as I learned when I researched the image. This link has lots of detail about this wonderful Davis painting came to be.

And for added pleasure here's the Fantasy Film Celebrity Con cover mentioned in the notes linked above.

The painting also evokes memories of another Davis cover for a mag called Lunatic Binge which I featured here earlier this year.

It's really choice. I'm glad to have it.

Rip Off

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