Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Showcase Presents All-Star Comics!

Here's a gem that's coming out this week. This one I missed until just this morning. I've got the original stories, adoring them as they came out in the 70's. After years of seeing the Earth-2 heroes only during the summers, it was neat to see them get a more permanent home. When I traded away a bunch of my DC comics many years ago, I could not let go of my All-Stars, they were too cool.

I picked up the color trades with the handsome Bolland covers from a few years ago, but I still feel the need to have this handy collection in my possession. The Joe Staton cover is outstanding!

Here's the solicitation.


And here's an original cover gallery.

Rip Off


  1. I've only got a couple of ALL-STAR COMICS, and those are actually reprints, but I thought they wre very well done and a lot of fun. I liked the way Power Girl was written.

  2. "Where is Batman in this universe?"
    He retired, married Selina (Catwoman) Kyle, and the adult Robin replaced him in the JSA.
    He dons his cowl once more in Adventure Comics #461-462 (where the JSA moved after All-Star was cancelled), and dies while saving Gotham City from a mystic-powered madman.
    His daughter, Helena Wayne, also joins the JSA as the Huntress.

  3. Yup. The death of Earth-2 Batman, perhaps the most underrated death in comics. I like the way Dick Greyson really inherited the mantle from Bruce Waye in Earth-2.

  4. Picked up this collection yesterday, and it's very handsome. The Staton looks great, but the Wally Wood work in this one looks wonderful, typical for Wood. His stuff is stronger in B&W I think.

    This volume also has the cool DC Special featuring the secret origin of the JSA, one of the dandiest comics of all time.

    Rip Off


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