Saturday, September 24, 2011

Look Sharp!

My first thought when I saw the ad below, was what a supreme nerd I must be to immediately recognize the source as the classic DC ad above announcing the arrival of Jack "King" Kirby to the National Comics stable. Of course I must be a nerd among a targeted many other nerds for such an ad to even be thought to be effective. Cool ad though.

I found the ad at this location by the way. Thanks Richard.

Rip Off


  1. Dude, you are among the elite of nerds! It takes one to know one! And you are right, that is a very cool ad!

  2. Rip, that was precisely my reaction the first time I saw the flyer as well. The guy who designed it is some kind of brilliant madman. (And for the record, the man who created the original ad was a true artist and no mistake.) Given that we're promoting this show in connection with NYCC -- which I can tell you from personal experience is always a hotbed of hardcore Kirby fandom -- it's a safe bet we'll reach a higher percentage of cognoscenti who'll recognize the original. Still, even for those who never saw the original, I like to think this still conveys a little of that 1970s Dawn of the Bronze Age vibe -- enough that people will recognize that we're alluding to something. It'll get attention, and that's what counts.

    (Though how hard we'll have to work to drum up a crowd when we've got the Venture Bros' own Doc Hammer on stage is a whole other question.)

  3. The band name "The Boom Tubes" was coined for this event. Mike C. then asked me to design a logo for the band, and all I could think of was that ad, and so it goes. Much fun. Many thanks to Gaspar Saladino, who I believe is the letterer of the original ad.

  4. Yeah, the entire lower half of the original ad is unmistakably Saladino. The "Great One is Coming" could be him as well, though that extended 3D effect isn't one he used often, nor that typeface. "The word from high is -- " doesn't look like him at all. I think the lower half was originally intended to be an ad unto itself, and the upper half was added later (very possibly by other hands) to transform it into a big full-page piece. But hey, do I look like Todd Klein? I'm just guessing here!

  5. "the word from high is --" just cracks me up, btw.


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