Sunday, September 11, 2011

Get Off My Yard!

I didn't feel particularly old when all the hubbub about the 50th anniversary of Marvel's Fantastic Four erupted over the course of this past year. That's fine, it seems long enough ago. It has historical oomph.

But when I stumbled across this today, I felt old...very old.

X-Men - 20th Anniversary #1!

This book should not be twenty years old. That's not right. I reject this information.


On a more solicitous note, if you want to truly celebrate the anniversary of the Fab 4, then I heartily recommend Maximum Fantastic Four a spectacular deconstruction of the original comic book (with Marvel's blessings). Here's a peek.

Maximum Fantastic Four

Rip Off


  1. I'm with you I still think of the comics that came out in the early 90's as happening yesterday.

  2. It's a sad sign of advanced decrepitude. The march of years continues its relentless trek.

    Don't worry; be happy!

    Rip Off


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