Friday, September 9, 2011

Dress For Success!

It's apparent that Richie Rich, a most successful kid, knows what he wants to wear.

It makes the burden of the daily grind much easier, when one decides to wear the same style all the time.

And it can't hurt to have a dedicated and appreciative staff to assist with those choices. It's comforting to be conservative.

For clearly when Richie goes for another look things can go horribly wrong.

But always his winning ways come to the fore regardless.

And here's an intriguing article by a reformed/retired Republican worker named Mike Lofgren who calls out the "Richie Riches" of the world and shows how the Republican party of today works so diligently to see that the wealthy keep what they've harvested. It's an enlightening and insightful peek behind the scenes at where they keep and work the levers of power. The Democrats are quiet co-conspirators for the most part and deserve disdain, but the Republicans are true villains of our day for certain.

Here's the link.

Rip Off

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