Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Death Of An Invader!

Dave Hoover, a relatively young man has sadly passed away earlier this month. I remember Hoover almost exclusively from one Marvel project, his work on a four-issue revival of The Invaders.

The Invaders was a comic I dreamed about before it actually debuted back in the Bronze Age. After reading some of the vintage Golden Age reprints from Mighty Marvel, I thought new adventures of Cap, Subby, and Torch were a natural. Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins did too, and The Invaders were born, a revised look at Marvel's WWII years.

The series was cancelled alas, but it was with great glee I discovered the revival in the 90's under the pen of Roy Thomas and the artwork of Dave Hoover, who did a good job of balancing a classic comic book look with the then trendy Image approach to comics.

Hoover was a storyteller in a time when such skills were being eclipsed by artwork more about bombast than narrative. He straddled these two trends nicely, giving classic characters their due.

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