Friday, July 8, 2011

Bloody Valiant!

This Nemo cover by Hal Foster depicts the noble prince in quite a bloody way. That leer on his mug is rather disturbing I must say.

Outstanding image though!

And here's another outstanding image.

This is one of 1000 limited edition posters. Here's a link with more details on it.

Rip Off


  1. I've never cared for Foster as a "cartoonist" as I just don't feel his panels flow well. He told good stories. I juts never thought he told them that well. That said, as an illustrator, the man was peerless! Love this print!

  2. Interesting. I'd say that Foster's choices of which moments to showcase in his strip could be different. He does seem to be more interested in the illustrative possibilities more than drawing connective images. That's a fair analysis. But given the way the text and the images combine, he was really producing something not quite full-blown comics.

    Rip Off


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